Kim Easton was born in 1963 with a curious and mindful observation of the world around her. As a child, there was much time to spend in the forest, among the tall pines of Lorne Park Estates in Mississauga. There was always a sensitive appreciation for the beauty and arrangement in nature; and its remarkable patterning. Today she satisfies her need for tree hugging with walks along the Bruce Trail, canoeing in Cootes Paradise and boating in Georgian Bay.

The organic sensibility of her current abstracts further reinforces the bridge between man made and natural; fabricated and true. Kim Easton's determination to explore 'nothingness as it happens', is a direct consequence of letting things be. She says, "we are not meant to understand all things. It doesn't really matter if things make sense.

Paintings don't have to involve logic. There lies the magic. Simply letting them become what they may, is one of the greatest resources. There is no shortage of ideas when you are open to possibility."

One of her earliest artworks was a portrait of her father, carefully rendered at the tender age of five. Nurtured by her mother, and encouraged at every step of the way, Kim went on to study fine Art and Art History at University of Toronto, graduating with an Honours degree in 1989. She also holds a B.S.c. in Psychology, and a diploma from Sheridan College, in Oakville.

Kim Easton's talents have seen an auspicious transformation of maturity in recent years, as overcoming hardships along the way helped redefine her style. She has innate psychic abilities, inherited from her mother Barbara, and it is through this, Kim holds fast to the truth that comes from dream visions and meditative connections. Her early pieces are direct interpretation of dreams. Kim Easton's 'dreamscapes' are in several Ontario private collections, with other pieces in Quebec, the Cotes D'Azur, and Texas. Her oeuvre experienced a radical transformation at the

Haliburton School of Art, under the tutelage of Lila Lewis Irving; the powerful and inspirational abstract painter. Kim paints out of her studio space, but has had the good fortune of being able to utilize the gloriously sunny space at Lila Lewis Irving's studio overlooking the Credit river.

Kim's son Sean is a musician and philosopher/poet, who further inspired her to learn new ways of thinking about life from a neo-Buddhistic perspective.

Painting became an all encompassing and honest medium, with room for playfulness and tremendous freedom. In more recent years, the energy experienced while giving Reiki treatments assisted in the opening of the floodgates, resulting in beautiful, clear and energetic explorations of immediacy in pigment.

Kim Easton's unabashed use of loose brushstrokes lends itself to an organic sensibility. The end result culminates in an ebb and flow of energy and vibration, -an intuitive adventure.

Her paintings are bold and dramatic, perhaps driven by her innate taste for theatrical performance, (thirteen seasons in a comedy troupe from Port Credit), or perhaps partly inspired by a decade spent creating customized wearable art for the more eccentric divas in Oakville. Working under the label of L'Art de Triomphe, Kim's designs drew tremendous success for the young designer, with customers from across Canada and the U.S. The leap back to painting on paper and canvas came at the expense of several 'dry' years, where paint was locked away until the commercial drive had evaporated and the true spirit of the artist emerged.

It was during these years that Kim Easton turned her talents to writing, as the burning desire to create grew. She wrote for several quarterly publications, and took particular pride in her column, 'A Tip of the Hat'.

This column opened a world of possibility, interviewing artists such as Naoko Matsubara and performers of such caliber as Judith Landers, and just plain exploring the diverse and eccentric lives of people in the community of Oakville, (with the intention to inspire others to break out of the box).

Kim views life as an adventure. She is a self described traveler, (one who backpacks and goes without an itinerary). She has slept on top of Temple #3 at Tikal, in awe of the Mayan sunrise, overlooking the canopy of the rain forest in Guatemala. She has experienced both coasts for all it's diversity in Costa Rica; snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef of Belize; chewed on muktuk and quock in Tuktoyaktuk; and has stood at the base of the Eiffel Tower on two separate trips, without going up.

Solo Exhibitions

2006 - CITADEL 28 CONTEMPORARY ART GALLERY - Downtown Art Centre Hamilton (DAC)